Whether your ultimate fitness goal is to build strength, improve your core stability, flexibility, balance, and endurance, or drop some serious pounds, all you need is the TRX training and your body weight to perform it. Do you want to learn how to perform TRX workouts for women and how this suspension exercise can benefit your body? This is exactly what you’ll get as you continue reading this article.
What is TRX?
Have you been to the gym lately? Did you see some yellow and black straps hanging around the gym (either on the wall or from the ceiling) and wondered what the heck it is used for? Those are the TRX (Total-body Resistant eXercise) trainer. It is a portable suspension training tool that originated in the Navy SEAL (created by Randy Hetrick) and used for performing TRX workouts.
TRX workouts leverage body weight and gravity to challenge every part of the user’s body, especially the core, and whip them all into shape. In each of the exercises, a part of the body is suspended above the ground while using the strap to maintain balance. This provides a total-body strength training which is perfect for both new and experienced fitness trainers, powerlifters, runners, and endurance trainers.
How are TRX workouts beneficial to women (and men)?
When compared to other fitness tools and exercise, the TRX and TRX workouts are found to be beneficial to women in a number of ways:
TRX workouts work the entire body, burn calories and fats. It will not only trim your body fat, but also help you stay fit, healthy, and strong.TRX workouts are economical as they require no exercise equipment and machines other than your portable TRX strap. You no longer have to spend a ton on fitness equipment in order to provide your body with the efficient and effective physical exercise.Working out with TRX puts you in control of the resistance and the extent to which you want to challenge yourself. You can simply change your body position to increase or reduce the intensity of the challenge. Because of this, TRX workouts work for people at levels of fitness.You can perform TRX workouts even if you have no gloves, shoes, or a gym. Simply hang the strap over a door and you are good to go.TRX provides a fast, efficient total-body exercise. It helps improve your balance, endurance, flexibility, and core strength.
TRX workouts plan
Here are some effective TRX workout plans for beginners and advanced users to effectively touch up body fat, build muscle, and strength.

1. TRX push-up
This workout targets your chest, arms, and shoulders. To perform the TRX push-up, adjust the TRX so that the foot cradles are 8-12 inches from the ground. Then get yourself into a plank position; hook your toes through the cradles (in the TRX straps) with your hands on the floor. Push up your body so that your body weight rests on your palm. While keeping your core tight and your legs straight, bend your elbows to bring your chest down, just between your hands. Repeat this exercise 10 times, rest for 30 seconds and then repeat!
For beginners, move slowly, and take a rest if you get tired during the exercise.For advanced users, bring your knees toward your elbows after pushing up your body. Hold for 5-10 seconds before you return to normal, then repeat for 25 reps.

2. TRX hamstring pull/curl
This is an amazing TRX workout for legs and other lower parts of the body (hips, glutes, and thighs). To perform this exercise, adjust the TRX so that the foot cradles are 8-12 inches from the ground. Lie on the floor with your face up, arms stretched by your sides, and palms flat on the floor. Place your heels in the TRX lower cradles and position your feet well to secure them. Press your heels inward, towards your hips to lift your hips while maintaining a tight core and hold for a few seconds. Then straighten your legs to bring your body back to neutral position and repeat the exercise.
Advanced users can perform this exercise by alternating the exercise for each leg instead of using both legs at a time. This will make the workout more challenging.

3. TRX lunge
This is also a perfect TXR workout for the legs and abs. To perform this exercise, adjust the strap so that it is about 8–12 inches from the ground, stand to face away from the anchor point and place your right feet in both foot straps. Place your hands on your waist while standing with your left foot planted firmly on the ground. Bend your knees to lower your body down into a lunge until your left thigh is parallel to the ground while stretching your right leg backward. Push back into the starting position. Do 10 reps and repeat the exercise with the right leg.
Beginners can hold on to the wall or a chair for support until they can carry out this on their own.

4. TRX body row
This TRX workout is perfect for working your back, biceps, shoulders, and abs. To carry out this exercise, adjust the strap to mid-length, keep your feet together, and grab the strap handles in both hands. Bring your hand close to the other, stretch your hands out, and lean backward until your weight is on your heels and your body is almost at a 45 degrees angle with the floor. While keeping your shoulder stiff and your core tight, bend your elbows and pull up your body till your hand reaches your chest. Stretch back your arms to return to start and repeat 10 times.
Note that the further your feet are to the pivot (anchor) point, the higher the angle you will have to the ground, and the less challenging this move will be. You can, therefore, move your feet closer to the pivot point or perform the exercise by raising one leg off the floor, to increase the challenge.

5. TRX chest press
The chest press target the arm, core, chest, and shoulders. Before you perform this exercise, set the TRX to its full length. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and face away from the pivot point. Hold the strap in both hands and stretch out your arms, straight out in front of you. Lean forward, bringing your body into a push-up stance. Bend your elbow and press your body forward to bring your chest closer to your hands. Stretch your hands and press into the straps to bring your body back to the starting position.
To increase the challenge, stretch your arms up as you perform the chest press so that it aligns with other parts of your body. Then reverse the movement to bring yourself back to the neutral position. This is also known as TRX chest press with standing fallout.
Tips for safe and effective TRX exercise
Warm up properly before embarking on any TRX exercise; this will help prepare your body for the new task and reduce the risk of injuries.Ensure that the strap is properly fastened to the door, wall, or the ceiling before using.Wear the right footwear and tight-fitting clothing that will allow free body movements.You can increase the workout intensity by moving further away from the anchor point.Make sure your body is aligned properly to engage the whole core.Don’t push yourself too much above your fitness level. Remember, Rome was not built in a day, so if you feel exhausted, take a short rest!Avoid direct contact of the TRX with your skin to avoid injury.
Have you been looking for an efficient way to burn calories, build healthy muscles, improve your core strength, and get your body into shape? These TRX workouts are for you! Grab those straps, perform these TRX workout exercises, and your health and fitness level will never remain the same.
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