Hosted by Lacey Poindexter and Susanne Pavlyuk

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In this episode Susanne & Lacey discuss body shame: how it came about in their lives, how shame encouraged control over appearance to gain acceptance & validation. They dive into both diet culture & anti diet culture and how both sides of the camp caused more shame & denied honoring the fullness of their humanity, so they are now leaning into the middle ground for their bodies: respect. Through movement, food, rest, and how they talk about/to their bodies. Come along for this longer podcast where they pick apart all of these concepts and how they’ve healed and neutralized body shame in their lives.

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Hey all,

I am in love with these ladies. Their raw, honest, humorous, gorgeous selves show up in each and every episode of their podcast and I simply cannot get enough! If you have not tuned in before, I encourage you to do so now. You can catch up on previous episodes on Spotify or Apple Podcast. These women are tuned into the culture we live in and the humanity we all strive for. My hope is you will find encouragement for wherever you are on your journey.

In good health,


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