by Lorinda Boyer

Change is Inevitable

Change is inevitable, this we can count on. Some changes are welcomed and pleasant, while others are less so. But one thing is certain, change allows us opportunity to grow and if we want to truly live, we must never cease to grow.

As I sit here typing, just outside my kitchen window I see a bird perched under the umbrella of a fir bough. Shielded from the snow blowing about him, I watch as he preens his delicate feathers. In my heart I feel a tinge of sadness as I realize this will likely be the last northwest winter I will see for a while. I’ve never imagined leaving my home. I love snow and rain and the unmatchable beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Just a Visit

This month Sandy and I visited our dear friends in Tucson, Arizona for a week. And as much as I was looking forward to the company, I was not looking forward to the landscape. I’m a mountain person, not a desert person. I’ve lived every day of my 48 years surrounded by fir trees, lakes, mountains and minutes from the bay.

But to my surprise our first day in Tucson brought about something miraculous. At first I noticed the pain in my lower back had eased. Then as I sat with our friends around the table, I crossed my legs without thought, something I hadn’t been able to do for years. But the real shocker came when I was able to squat all the way down to the floor, pick up my dog and stand back up without assistance. To be sure I’d really witnessed what I thought I had, I squatted down and stood up again a half dozen more times and -NO PAIN! I was so excited, I leapt into the living room to show Sandy. She cried.

Trading my Firs for Saguaro’s

I’m not a mover and I’m not fond of change but I sure do love not being in pain! I take medication for my arthritis and a lot of the time it works well and I’m thankful for how well I’ve managed in my day to day life. But in Arizona I found out I could feel better, do more and have a fuller life. And, it turns out I really want to! So I’m trading in my fir tree forests for Saguaro forests and packing up my pets, wife and life and heading to Tucson!

Not Gone

But I’m not gone! I may have a different address but thanks to the powers of the inter-webs and internets and cell phones and so on, I’ll always be a part of your life. I plan to continue my fitness blog and fitness tips group on Facebook. And, because I grew up in the pre-cell phone era, I KNOW HOW TO WRITE WITH A PEN AND PAPER!! YEAH ME! So, I will write to you, too. I mean with all this time on my hands, I’ll need to keep busy! And of course I will come home to visit!

Fitness Journey

We are all on this fitness journey together! I’m right here and happy to talk with you, listen to you and help in any way I can. Thank you for being the best group of clients in the world. I love you to Arizona and back (and everywhere else in the world, too!)

My journey, Your journey, Our journey,

much love,

Lorinda & Mollie

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