For me, December is a month of reflection. A time to think back on the goals I set at the beginning of the year. To acknowledge those I met and those I didn’t. A chance to evaluate who I am now and imagine who I’d like to be a year from now.

As a personal trainer and fitness studio owner, I strive to keep my body in the best shape I can. I want to be a living example of good health. I want to practice what I preach by making healthy food choices and sticking to my own well-balanced exercise routine. But over the years some of those goals have become easier and some have become more difficult.


I used to run. Okay, well jog rather quickly. At any rate, I moved this body of mine four to five miles a day or more semi-quickly down a trail. And, I burned a sizeable amount of calories doing it. Then arthritis and complications with hip-dysplasia made that impossible. And when I had surgery to remove an infection in my left hip fourteen months ago, my exercise intensity took an even more drastic nose dive. Fortunately my friends  and family were not about to let me wallow in my own self-pity. My wife designed a lovely fitness studio for me to teach in and by March of this year, I was taking in my first clients. And that was just the beginning…


Though I never would have imagined I could love anything as much as I love running, I’m happy to report that I do! Teaching mini-trampoline (Slimbounding) classes to the amazing men and women who’ve found their way into my facility (and my heart) is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only do I dearly treasure each and every individual for what they bring to my life but I also get to witness what a difference the trampoline makes in theirs. As they bounce away stress, they boost their lymphatic drainage and immune function, increase oxygen throughout their whole body and improve their balance just to name a few benefits! In my TRX classes I’ve seen my clients increase their range of motion and make significant muscular gains. Strength and Balance class is a fun group of friends all working on staying upright and strong but we always end up working our core with plenty of laughter.


So, this December, I’m thankful for all I’ve been blessed with this year and for all the new friends I’ve made. I’m grateful to be in a place where I can encourage others on their journey to fitness. And as for my journey, well it is just that after all, a journey. I will continue to strive to improve my habits surrounding eating and exercise in order to be the example I long to be. But even more importantly, I will work on viewing my limits not as failures or disappointments but rather as opportunities to branch out and follow new healthy avenues. I will accept that in this new year, I’m still me and that is perfectly fine. And I hope to inspire others to feel the same.

I wish you all the best this holiday season,

Lorinda Boyer and Mollie xoxo

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