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“Health is not valued until sickness comes.” – Dr. Thomas Fuller

Many people don’t realize the fatigue, foggy thinking, poor sleep, excess weight (especially around the stomach, hips and thighs) and even aging skin indicate nutritional deficiencies that can be reversed. Adopting a healthier lifestyle for you and your family can be easy to talk about but difficult to get started without a plan. The 30 Day Clean Eating Plan is simple to follow and therefore, simple to complete.

Focus on Five Key Areas of Fitness :

  1. Eat Clean 2. Increase Nutritional Intake 3. Eliminate Allergenic, Addictive & Acidic Foods 4. Balance Blood Sugar 5. Support Elimination Organs
    *All 5 areas are supported by ARBONNE’S whole food nutritional line that is certified vegan and free of gluten, dairy, soy, and artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners!

1. Eat Clean
This plan focuses on eating organic, non GMO foods free of preservatives, additives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors and all other toxins. Food is either fuel or poison. Simply put, anything that can’t be used as energy in the body is a toxin. Organic fruits and vegetables contain up to 40% more antioxidants than those conventionally grown. This plan will help you learn how to fuel your body for optimal health by eating clean, close to nature and TOXIN FREE!

2. Increase Nutrient Intake
Due to the overabundance of pre-packaged and fast food, many people today are overweight yet malnourished. They carry toxic fat while their bodies are starving for real nutrition. This condition can be reversed by eating whole foods and supplementing with nutrients to fill in possible deficiencies created by mineral deficient farm soils.

3. Eliminate Allergenic and Addictive Foods
Many people experience symptoms of premature aging or poor health and have no idea that the solution may be as simple as removing possible food allergens & sensitivities. This plan includes removing possible allergenic foods like gluten, dairy, soy and processed sugars. If you cringe at the thought of removing a certain food, chances are, you are sensitive to it. Generally speaking, the food you crave is the food that’s killing you.
Gluten: is a family of proteins found in certain grains. They are thick and gooey and make things stick together when baked instead of falling apart. It is estimated that 50% of the population has difficulty breaking down gluten in their intestines.

When the immune system recognizes gluten in the gut as a “foreign protein”, it attacks and damages the intestinal wall, which in turn causes the intestines to swell with water creating bloating and/or a “pot belly”. Eventually, the intestinal wall thins (leaky gut) to the point that it starts absorbing things that should have been blocked causing an array of problems including:

Allergies: the tips of the villi in the intestines produce the enzyme that digests the lactose in milk. Since they’re the first to go, the very first symptom of gluten intolerance that you see may be a “milk allergy” that manifests itself as a stuffy nose and post nasal drip that occurs whenever you consume dairy products.
Immune Function: the constant load on the immune system as it fights off foreign proteins in the digestive tract impairs its ability to do its job elsewhere. Meanwhile, clogged sinuses and unhealthy intestinal walls create a perfect home for harmful bacteria to multiply.
Adrenal Function: the constant adrenal load created by chronic inflammation of the intestines eventually leads to adrenal insufficiency or even adrenal exhaustion. As the adrenals become impaired, many other symptoms manifest themselves, including allergies, slow weight gain and a loss of energy.

despite the widespread notion that milk is healthy, drinking pasteurized milk is frequently associated with a worsening of health. Sally Fallon of the Weston Price Foundation states, “Pasteurization destroys enzymes, diminishes vitamin content, denatures fragile milk proteins, destroys vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, kills beneficial bacteria, promotes pathogens and is associated with allergies.” Only 30% of the calcium in a cup of milk gets absorbed, you would get twice as much calcium from a cup of broccoli. Many green leafy vegetables are loaded with calcium.

SIDE NOTE: Candida (Yeast) Overgrowth
Candida overgrowth in your body will cause you to suffer from sugar cravings. Candida yeast loves sugar just as much as you do, and its love of this empty, non-nutritional food causes you to want it more.

 According to a study done at Rice University, “70% of Americans are living daily with an overgrowth of yeast and bacteria.”

 Signs of yeast overgrowth include: nasal congestion and discharge, nasal itching, blisters in the mouth, sore or dry throat, abdominal pain, belching, bloating, heart burn, constipation, diarrhea, rectal burning or itching, vaginal discharge, vaginal itching or burning, worsening symptoms of PMS, prostatitis, impotence, frequent urination, burning on urination, bladder infections.

 People do well on this plan because they are eliminating dairy, gluten, wheat, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol- all known to feed Candida yeast. They are repopulating their intestines with friendly bacteria which help the body fight off the Candida, and strengthen the immune system.

Soy: Phytoestrogens in soy can mimic the effects of the female hormone estrogen. These phytoestrogens have been found to have adverse effects on various human tissues. Drinking two glasses of soy milk daily for one month has enough of the chemical to alter a woman’s menstrual cycle. Note: Soy Lecithin does not have the same effect and is safe for those sensitive to soy.

Refined Sugar: Refined sugar has been stripped of all nutrients and leaches the body of precious vitamins and minerals. Sugar taken every day produces a continuously acidic condition which affects every organ in the body. Initially, sugar is stored in the liver. A daily intake of refined sugar makes the liver expand like a balloon. When the liver is filled to its maximum capacity, the excess sugar is returned to the blood in the form of fatty acids. These are stored and seen in the most inactive areas: the belly, the buttocks and thighs. In contrast, unrefined sugar, like cane sugar, contains minerals the body needs.

Arbonne Essentials Digestion Plus contains eleven digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and a patented probiotic to support the intestinal wall, often damaged by allergenic foods. Probiotics scrub away yeast overgrowth in the lower GI and reestablish friendly bacteria. Use: Mix with 4 ounces of room temperature water and consume first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. An alternative, is to add to your morning shake and drink it within 30 minutes. .

Dr. Michael McCann, MD, Physician and researcher, states, “Probiotics will be to medicine in the 21st century as antibiotics and microbiology were in the twentieth century.”

Arbonne Essentials Protein Shakes are certified vegan, non GMO, certified low glycemic, certified kosher, & free of gluten, whey, and soy protein. They are loaded with more than twenty essential vitamins and minerals. Plus they contain Arbonne’s exclusive energy INNERG-PLEX® and Protein Matrix blends which help you feel satisfied longer. These delicious shakes contain three sources of vegetable protein (pea, cranberry, and rice) and no trans fats, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. Drinking meals is easier on digestion and allows our body to have energy for detoxification. Use: Replace one to two meals per day and use as a recovery shake after a workout.

4. Balanced Blood Sugar
The 28 Day Clean Eating Program encourages eating low on the glycemic index for many reasons. The high, moderate and low “glycemic index” is a measure of how a given food affects blood-sugar levels, with each food being assigned a numbered rating. The lower the rating, the more gradual the infusion of sugars into the bloodstream and the more balanced the blood sugar.

High glycemic meals cause you to feel hungry soon after you eat. Eating low glycemic meals reduces hunger cravings. When blood sugar goes up in response to a high glycemic meal a process called “glycation” takes place, which promotes thinning of the skin, wrinkles and wrinkles. It’s not just candy bars and cupcakes that elevate blood sugar. Pasta, bread, potatoes, white rice and high glycemic fruits are also responsible.

Arbonne Essentials Fizz Sticks can be used between meals to curb appetite without elevating blood sugar. These effervescent sticks are a combination of green tea and herbs that have been clinically proven to boost metabolism and sustain energy. They promote proper pH which aids detoxification. They are free of sugar and artificial sweeteners and contain only 10 calories per stick. Recommend: Combine 1 stick with 8-16 ounces of water and drink between meals

Arbonne Essentials Daily Fiber Boost enhances your daily dietary fiber intake with 12 grams of fiber that account for nearly half of the recommended daily amount. This flavorless blend of soluble fiber can be added to all foods and beverages, including the Chocolate or Vanilla Protein Shakes. Fiber Boost is derived from fruit, grains and Vegetables. In addition it soothes the colon, helps you feel satisfied longer and supports balanced blood. Start with ¼ to ½ scoop in each shake and slowly increase if you are tolerating it well.

Scientists have established that anything that causes a rise in our blood sugar results in inflammation on a cellular level, and I believe that inflammation is at the basis of virtually every disease process such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and wrinkled skin. In addition, when our blood sugar goes up rapidly and continually, the sugar can actually attach to the collagen in our skin, making it stiff and inflexible. When your collage is cross-linked by sugar, you end up with stiff and sagging skin. I believe that 50% of aging of the skin is the result of this reaction – Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

5. Support Elimination Organs
As good as the 28 Day Clean Eating Program is, it would be incomplete if it did not support the body’s FOUR elimination pathways: the liver, kidneys, intestines and your largest detoxifying organ, your skin. It is nearly impossible to avoid the toxins we come in contact with on a daily basis. If toxins enter your body faster than they are removed, you will experience signs of toxicity. If, on the other hand, you give your body the support it needs to eliminate these toxins, it will perform optimally.


We wouldn’t think about going a day without brushing our teeth, let alone years and years. Because we can’t see our liver, kidneys, and intestines we forget the important role they play in detoxification. The liver has over 500 functions and the kidneys filter 200 quarts of blood per day. You can hold 5-25 lbs. of waste in your large intestine (colon). All elimination organs need a “tune up” and proper maintenance.

Arbonne Essentials Herbal Detox Tea assists the daily cleansing of the liver and kidneys by helping the body to filter and clear toxins. This in turn regulates cholesterol, balances blood sugar and promotes weight loss. Many are unaware that liver dysfunction is more closely related to obesity than any other single factor. An overburdened liver is one of the reasons people plateau during weight loss. Use: FIRST week, drink two cups per day. One in am and one in pm. Thereafter have one cup per day in am.

Arbonne Essentials Body Cleanse helps soothe the gastrointestinal tract while supporting healthy digestion and liver function. Assists with gentle elimination of toxins. Use: Combine contents of 1 packet with 32 ounces of warm water. Shake well; add ice if desired. Drink an additional 32 ounces of water throughout the day. (at minimum) You may add Fizz Stick or fresh lemon for flavor. Start on day 15.

Still not convinced that Arbonne’s 30 Day Challenge could work for you? Listen to this vido I’ve included fom Tanda Cook, N.D. Days to Healthy Living with Tanda Cook, ND


Need More? Join Belle Meadows January 11 when we kick off our Jump into January Saturday series! I’ll be with you every step of the way to support you through the 30 Day Challenge and kick up your calorie burn with awesome cardio!

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