What began as Fit Over Forty and morphed into Belle Meadows Fitness has now become Boyer We Fit. Change can be tricky, a bit scary, but can also be exactly what we need.

I began teaching group fitness classes during the floor aerobics and step aerobics phase. A few years later I added indoor cycling and boot camp style classes to my repertoire. From there, the list goes on to include all matter of workout combinations combined with whatever the latest craze happened to be. I’ve managed aerobics departments, managed an entire gym and run my own facility, too. The one thing that remains true despite the changing times, is that most people will only adhere long term to a fitness program that is both short and simple. And that appears to be even more true today. So, I’m attempting to change with the times as well as where I find myself at this time.

One thing we learned during Covid is that if we cannot get out into the world, we will bring it into our living rooms. Zoom has become a regular word in our vocabulary and love it or hate it, I believe it is here to stay. I’m not saying that getting together in person is a thing of the past, in fact I believe in person connection is vital to our well-being. What I am suggesting is that Zoom is a practical way to save time while still fitting in a much-needed workout session. Boyer We Fit offers a Strength Class and a Balance Class back-to-back on Monday and Thursday of each week from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. You can take one or both. The choice is yours.

Along with these biweekly classes, Boyer We Fit will offer a yoga, Thai Chi, or aerobic pop-up Zoom class from time to time. (Check Calendar)

Once a month Boyer We Fit will organize a walk around Barkley Pond, the Railroad Trail or another easy access location. Keep an eye on the website calendar for upcoming events.

If you have not checked out the Boyer We Fit Coffee Corner on the group page connected with the Boyer We Fit Facebook Page, then CHECK IT OUT! You are welcome to engage in conversations with other members of the group, ask me a question, or just share fitness information or tips. Once a month I’ll offer a Zoom Coffee Corner. I’ll have a prepared topic, but you are encouraged to bring your questions and comments.

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about what https://boyerwefit.com/ Boyer We Fit has to offer.

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