by Lorinda Boyer

My trainer, whom I often refer to as Rambi or Killer-Barbie (beautiful like a Barbie, tough like Rambo), once told me that any diet I went on could work. She said if I only ate a small piece of chocolate cake 3x a day I’d probably lose weight. FANTASTIC!

Me & my foxy trainer

Weight Loss is NOT the Ultimate Goal

BUT, and this is a big one, she asked, “is weight loss your only goal?”

I mean, yes!” I would practically shout. And then she would proceed to point out all of the skinny-fat people we knew or those I thought were in such great shape but were in reality quite unhealthy. Her point was this, sure I could lose weight doing pretty much any diet but the weight loss was really secondary to my overall good health. What my body wanted, what it really craved, was a steady diet of healthy, nutritious food to keep my body running smoothly. Getting skinny is nearly always temporary, but good health is the life long goal. Let that sink in. Skinny is not the goal…

What are you Putting in Your Mouth?

My love of cake began early

For this reason she encouraged me to research the kinds of supplements and vitamins and really all food I put in my mouth. When I tried to convince her that the Cheeto’s I was eating were organic, she asked me where they grew (dammit). When I told her I was going to only eat chocolate covered protein bars and drink water, she had me look up all of the ingredients and compare them to my daily nutritional needs (dammit again). She basically ruined me for life. I cannot eat or drink anything without first running through a list of questions in my head about where it came from and how it was sourced and whether or not the good out weighs the bad. But, she also likely saved my life as well.

Be Discerning

Because even though I am in the fitness industry, I am far from perfect. I am prone to over eating and under eating and I am not immune to falling for gimmicks promising quick weight loss. When I read about the latest kraze whethere it be KETO, Intermittent fasting, Whole 30, etc. the difference now is I’ve learned to be much more discerning.

Do Your Research

Look, no product or supplement is perfect for everyone. So, it’s up to you to do your research. Read up on the latest fads and see if there is any part that would be helpful to you. Cherry pick the best ideas and make a plan for yourself that works. Honestly, parts of many of the most popular diets are very good just as some aspects are not. Employing the help of your trainer or even better, your nutritionist is always a good idea! REMEMBER: If you can sustain, then you can maintain. If not, then don’t waste your time and money. What you want is a lifelong eating plan and not a temporary fix.

Promoting Products

I am not in the habit of promoting products. In fact, this is the first time in my career that I have backed a product. So why am I doing so now? Well, I’m asked almost daily by clients, friends and family for advice on what to eat or not eat, etc.

Arbonne Health Challenge Kit plus free bag and facial cleanser

I was drawn to Arbonne because their products are vegan and gluten-free certified products developed with premium blends of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics for maximum product effectiveness. Arbonne’s 30 Day Health and Wellness Challenge is a jump off spot to help refocus your eating goals. But the difference is the support continues with on-line support and daily meal menu’s. Arbonne’s program teaches people how to feed themselves for life. AND, I like the idea of being able to offer my clients a well-rounded plan for their overall health-Exercise AND Nutrition!

Advice Only, Not Medical Direction

Because I am NOT a dietician, my suggestions and advice are simply that. I do my research but my research shouldn’t take the place of yours. Our bodies and minds are unique to each one of us. Yes, I know I’m supposed to support the calories in – calories out = weight loss equation, but… there is just so much more to the journey than that!

Ultimately, I Want to Support YOU!

Whether or not you buy a product I sell or take a class I teach is less important to me than how I can best support you in your quest for good health. That is the honest truth.

As my trainer also told me, “I will not starve because you didn’t buy a training package from me. I’m here to serve you because that is what I feel I’ve been called to do.”

And I can honestly say that she has lived up to her promise of support and I want to be just liker her! You can count on me. I’m here for you. You can text, email, call, whatever and I’ll listen and respond. I may not always know the answers to your questions, but if the answer is out there, I’ll find it!

My Peeps are AWESOME!


Exercise and healthy eating are accumulative. There is no such thing as starting over tomorrow. NOPE! Today counts, tomorrow counts, all the days count! So, live your best life by being gracious with yourself and keep at your healthy goals. The one house you cannot replace is your body and it is YOUR BODY. Happy New Year!

In health, friends,


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